Beit America
Tel Aviv

In the center of Tel Aviv's business district, on Sderot Sha'ul HaMelech, there is a prestigious office tower with a commercial floor and three underground parking levels.
The building is near museums, the Opera House, and the Tel Aviv District Court.
Approximately 80% of the building has been rented for 10 years to the We Work Company, a well-known and stable company engaged in shared workspaces.
The remaining spaces have been rented to leading corporations and law firms.
The Group seeks to add building rights to the property of approximately 15,000 m2 of office space and another 300 m2 of additional commercial space for a total built volume of approximately 23,000 m2.
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The Diamond Exchange (Borse) Compound, Ramat Gan

In the heart of the vibrant and bustling Ramat Gan diamond exchange compound is a magnificent independent tower with a roof-top observatory that offers a view across Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan.
The building has eight floors and four parking levels and enjoys various facilities of the highest standards in the city.
The building is rented to a leading corporation.
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Beit HaTeumim, Jerusalem

The building is on the western side of the Givat Sha'ul Industrial Park in Jerusalem, adjacent to the Har Nof Quarter.
Its built-up area is approximately 12,000 m2 and contains four office and commercial space floors and 4 parking levels.
The property is rented to government institutions, e.g., government ministries, the Israel National Police, and the Tax Authority.
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Beit Aderet
Rishon Le’Zion

Near major traffic arteries, a prestigious and well-kept office building is on a main thoroughfare.
The built-up area is approximately 10,000 m2 above 10,000 m2 of basements.
The building serves as the management office of leading companies in the Israeli economy.
In addition, there is a commercial floor, which serves various businesses.
A master plan for constructing an additional office floor was approved, and an application has been filed for a building permit.
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Saharov Business Center
Rishon Le’Zion

The business complex is located in the heart of Rishon LeZion's western industrial zone, in an attractive location with high-demand office and commercial components.
The center is spread over 4 levels with a built-up area of approximately 12,000 m2 and parking spaces.
The complex provides Gush Dan residents various business, finance, and leisure services.
The company is promoting planning regarding the addition of rights of approximately 6,000 m2 of offices so that, in total, the complex will include some 18,000 m2 for offices and commerce.
The zoning plan was approved, and an application for a building permit has been filed.
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ORC House, Herzliya

The Group owns the rights to a new tower in the heart of Herzliya Pituach's bustling industrial zone.
The building has a commercial level and six floors of office space, some of which serve as the Group's management headquarters, and some are leased to third parties.
The building enjoys proximity to main traffic arteries, and a light rail station is expected to be built nearby.
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Herbert Samuel
Tel Aviv

The Group owns half of the commercial space of the prestigious Pninat Hayam building, which is located on Tel Aviv's shoreline.
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8 Center Shopping Mall, Kiryat Shmona

8 Center Shopping Mall ("8 Be'Emtza Mall") is located in the center of Kiryat Shmona and is the largest mall in the Upper Galilee region.
The mall spreads across four floors over a total space of approximately 9,300 m2 and additional parking spaces.
The property's occupancy rate is approximately 97%.
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