Herbert Samuel Project Tel Aviv

A land parcel was located along the Herbert Samuel Promenade shoreline between Herbert Samuel, Hayarkon, Yonah Hanavi, and Geula Streets in downtown Tel Aviv. We are advancing a master plan for constructing a combined residential project and hotel rights with an area of approximately 12,000 m2, compared with the current zoning plan that allows approximately 3,600 m2.
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French Hill

Land that was acquired in a cash transaction in the French Hill Quarter of Jerusalem. The group is promoting a zoning plan under district authority to increase the rights and density in the complex to facilitate the construction of 500 housing, commercial units, and public areas for the benefit of the residents.
Promotion of the plan is being carried out with the full cooperation of Jerusalem Municipality, and the Local Planning Council has even joined in the plan’s filing.
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Salameh, Tel Aviv

Land located in the southern portion of the Florentin Quarter, upon which it will be possible to construct approximately 4,000 m2 for residential and commercial uses.
The land is in partnership with the VENN Company; it has an approved zoning plan, and an application for a building permit has been filed.
At the same time, the company is examining the process of improving the property by applying for a change in zoning.
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Hadar Groves

The group holds shares in a public corporation that owns property rights in approximately 615 dunams in strategic areas throughout Israel including
Ramat Hasharon, Beit Dagan, Kfar Yona, and Gan Yavne.
The company is working on releasing the restrictions on the land and changing its zoning designation from agriculture to residential and occupational according to the comprehensive plans applicable in the relevant localities.
Furthermore, the company owns rights in various yield-bearing assets in Tel Aviv, Rehovot, and Ashdod.
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